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  • State of the Art Touchscreen controller directs all ARM machine press operations. Accurate, dependable digital dwell time, temperature control, counter functions.
  • Proprietary exclusive self diagnostic features monitor heating system operations that will notify operators when machine needs service.
  • Exclusive Dual Pressure pneumatic system with independent air regulators and flow controls allow precise label application pressures.
  • Teachable solid state registration mark sensor.
  • Fully adjustable tape sensor location slide system.
  • Interchangeable presser head system.
  • 24 volt D.C. gear motor
  • Label cross hair generator for assisting operators with precise garment placement.
  • Engineered  Specifically to meet the specifications of the latest heat transfer label customers.

Specs :
Heat Block – ”4 x 4” inches (10.16cm x 10.16cm)
Anvil Size – 5”x 7.50” inches (12.70cm x 19.05cm)
Throat Depth – 9” inches (22.88cm)

110 VAC | 9.2 AMPS | 883 WATTS
220 VAC | 5.4 AMPS | 894 WATTS

Pneumatic REQ:
80 PSI incoming air supply
10-80 PSI application pressures
Cylinder stroke 3 inches

Machine Dimensions (Approximate) :
Depth: 16” inches
Width: 40” inches
Height: 35 inches
Weight: 120 pounds